1. "#GIRLS. Our show’s second season debuts on Sunday night. Oh, you don’t like it? It’s not your show? I don’t care/yes it is. No I’m just kidding, maybe or probably it’s not. The point is that regardless of your feelies about Girls, it is how the aggregate of non-us people will begin to maybe sort of possibly understand the legit plight (LEGIT PLIGHT) of the post-college pre-real-life woman and that on its own is the revolution, so shut upupupupup. Also, come on. Are you allergic to solid one-liners and low-lit nakedness and pal-melodramatics? Are you? Anyway, call me. Let’s talk about it after it’s over."
    — Kate Carraway @ VICE hitting on how *all* tv watching used to be in middle school. <3 

    (Source: Vice Magazine)

  1. down-sizing said: OR it’s just a sickeningly twee, masturbatory diary entry by a little girl who so lacks self-awareness that she’s unable to even see POC in fucking NYC. As a feminist, I reject Dunham’s work as feminist for its total intersectionality fail.
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