1. Digital Positioning: Be Judged or Be Ignored

    You will be judged (or you will be ignored)

    Those are pretty much the only two choices.

    Being judged is uncomfortable. Snap judgments, prejudices, misinformation… all of these, combined with not enough time (how could there be) to truly know you, means that you will inevitably be misjudged, underestimated (or overestimated) and unfairly rejected.

    The alternative, of course, is much safer. To be ignored.

    Up to you.

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  2. "artists are always ahead of their time; that’s the point."
    — Einstein. (in a parallel dimension.)

  3. the meantime


    n. the moment of realization that your quintessential future self isn’t ever going to show up, which forces the role to fall upon the understudy, the gawky kid for whom nothing is easy, who spent years mouthing their lines in the wings before being shoved into the glare of your life, which is already well into its second act.

  4. elegance regardless. 

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  6. "

    You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.

    Apologize for mistakes. Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone — profusely. But don’t apologize for being who you are.

    — Danielle Laporte (via mistresschloecibelle)
  7. crusherccme:

    found this gem in the 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook. it’s what to say when a guy tries to get out of using a condom

    obviously cornellian. 

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  8. Lingerie of the day…boned & sheer corset. High glamour and a touch of nerdery. My sweetspot. 


  9. Pivots Part 2 - Surveillance State.

    I’ll admit that the tone of my writing has changed. 

    I am nearly 30 so I must be maturing at some god awful rate, resulting in the ripening of my opinions into the more fully-formed sons of bitches that they are presently. 

    But I’m not convinced it’s simply age. 

    Since 2010, I’ve been writing publicly as myself — I have been writing as not-myself since about 2003. happy hunting) — and I’ve witnessed the changes in freedom of speech on the internet machine. 

    When i started, there was still room for individuals. Now, it seems, so much bandwidth has been consumed up by corporate-sponsored opinions, moderated by the need to maintain mass-appeal. 

    Fortunately or unfortunately, I am still a magnificent motherfucker. And I started writing because I want to express a point of view that is my own (not writing shitty list articles for a content farm “start up” or run mediocre sponsored-bys on my own site). 

    This has been very clear on NOT*OTHERWISE (my full-time blog). But something that occurred to me today  as I was reading Michael Arrington’s rant about government surveillance, is that the aforementioned taming of the internet is related to the insidious presence of the government, and readers fear thereof. 

    That’s why it’s becoming more unpopular to have a motherfucking opinion about anything. Everyone is so scared they will get fired, or never get hired, or that they’ll get arrested. Fuck it. 

    I used to write because I wanted to build an internet presence with my thoughts. But now I am writing here because it’s impossible to be silent as the walls close in on the 4th amendment. 

    Expect me. 


  10. Pivots - If you’ve read my words over the years, would you give me some of yours? 3-Question survey + new playlist.

    Starting new things is the theme of September. 

    I spent the summer spinning my wheels. But all of the back to school bullshit of September has more than just a marketing function; it’s a favored month for (re-)organization. 

    I am planning a coming-out party of sorts for  but everything takes so much longer than I ever expect it to (blame the fucking time/space continuum, right?). 


    Thank you! It will help shape the future of this site and the content you get here…as well as my life. I will appreciate greatly it and high-five/hug/dance with you in person if the occasion arises. 

    Finally, I made you a mixtape of new music for doing your new things this month. 


    Pivot - September Mixtape from jessa brookman on 8tracks Radio.


  11. "I enjoy the casual narnia of tumblr."
    — n*o
  12. City babe. #vscocam

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